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Learn the Six Criteria for Choosing a Network Marketing Opportunity.

Our book, How To Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity explains the six criteria needed for a solid network marketing business.

From the authors of the books, Anti Suit Entrepreneur and Complete Networker.



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How To Choose a Networking Marketing Opportunity

Many people think that the "right network marketing opportunity" means identifying one company that is superior to all the other companies out there. The company matters, but it's just one piece of the puzzle.

There are numerous solid network marketing companies in the market place. The network marketing company you choose is important to your success, however, it isn't as important as you may think. You need more than just a solid company in order to become successful and build a residual income.

We have identified six criteria that will assist you in selecting the right network marketing opportunity for you. These six criteria are needed in order to have the "Complete Package." The "Complete Package' is essentially everything you need in order to build a full time residual income.

This guide isn't going to tell you the best company out there, because there is no best company. Rather, the goal of this guide is to help educate you so you can make a decision on the right network marketing opportunity for you and then move forward confidently with building your business.

The ultimate goal of this book is to help find your next and last network marketing opportunity.


Complete Networker Book

Our style for building MLM is radically different from other people's in the MLM Industry. It's often described as "going against the grain." Our MLM building techniques may make you question what your upline, company, and all these MLM "gurus" have taught you. But when there is a high failure rate in MLM with those B.S. tactics, going "against the grain" is probably the smartest thing you can do.

The Complete Networker is about building your MLM business with "business common sense" and not the typical nonsense that is spouted around the MLM industry. Understanding our "business common sense" approach to network marketing will help build your business by figuring out what's working and what's not working in your business. This isn't some feel good book about "Getting excited and making it happen" nonsense. No, it's about learning the core business skills and knowledge that you need in order to build your business.

Here are just a few of things that you'll learn:

  • The fatal flaw that almost every person in MLM makes that will destroy any chance of a long term residual income.
  • You're really selling two things with your MLM company... make sure you know what they are and how to profit from both of them (99% of people miss one of them!)
  • There are typically three devastating outcomes that happen when you train your team with the typical MLM B.S. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.
  • Learn why many MLM affiliate systems are traps that will eat away at any downline that you have.
  • Learn the most common communication step that people skip over in the sales process that almost guarantees your prospect will go radio silent.

Get a sneak peak and take a look over our shoulders to see the exact training model we use to create duplication. Bottom line... if you're tired of hype and a motivational fluff that is disguised as MLM training, then read the Complete Networker.


Anti Suit Entrepreneur Book

Anti Suit Entrepreneur, tells the story of two rebellious young entrepreneurs who scrapped their college educations and started over with the goal of living life on their terms.

The world economy has evolved drastically the last few years, and a college education isn't what it used to be. However, for those who are willing to learn the New Rules, unprecedented opportunities are now available for aspiring entrepreneurs to live life on their terms. For Jason Wells and Chris Lopez, living life on their terms meant escaping the suit and tie and owning their own schedules. This book will guide you to living life on your terms.

Although financial concepts are a big part of living life on your terms, this book discusses much more than that. It's a "nuts and bolts" discussion on how Jason and Chris became what they call "Anti Suit Entrepreneurs."

Topics include:

  • Learn the three distinct types of mentors and what type of mentor will help you the most.
  • Why most goal setting techniques are unproductive and can actually do more harm than good! You'll learn a very unique strategy for setting goals that has served Chris and Jason well.
  • How to get the "New College Degree".
  • The key financial concepts that will help you live life on your terms, while minimizing risk.
  • And many other topics that have helped Chris, Jason, and many others over the last decade.

If you're looking for help and ideas on how to become an entrepreneur and are tired of books rehashing the same concepts and talking points, then the Anti Suit Entrepreneur is for you. It's refreshingly different with no-nonsense, practical information that you can incorporate immediately into your life.


Custom-Built Network Marketing System

Lead Generation, training, contact management, customer management,
and team management are all areas included in our system. We have two version of this system, one version for people in our team and another version for people outside of our team.


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Our Coaching Programs

For people outside our team, we offer coaching to assist you in getting your network marketing business off the ground. Some people need group coaching while others need one-on-one attention; that is usually determined by what you feel you need.

Group Coaching
$149.00 / month
  • Two Bi-Weekly Group Calls
  • Group Size Limited to 20
  • Get Direct Attention from Chris & Jason
  • 24 / 7 Private Facebook Group with Chris & Jason
  • Collaborate With Others & Ask Questions
One-on-One Coaching
$499.00 / month
  • Four Forty-Five (45) Minute Sessions
  • Weekly Advice on What To Do
  • Assistance with Lead Generation
  • Ask Any Question You Want.
  • 24 / 7 Private Facebook Group with Chris & Jason

Our Explanation of the Network Marketing Business Model

In our first Anti Suit Entrepreneur video (which is our book trailer), we explain some basic areas that people should be thinking about to life life on their terms.

In our second Anti Suit Entrepreneur video, we explain the three most important things we learned over the years to achieve a life on our terms.

In our third Anti Suit Entrepreneur video (the one you see here), we explain how we view the network marketing business model and how it can help people achieve a life on their terms.

Our Network Marketing Courses

The courses below are available in our Integritas Group system and are free to our team as a part of the monthly Integritas Group system subscription. The prices listed below for each course are for people in the network marketing community who are not in our team. To purchase those courses, click the Non-Members buttons for the respective course and you'll be taken to our separate network marketing system and training website.

  • Learn the 5 Key Steps to Communication
  • Eliminate Awkward Conversations
  • Master the Different Personality Types
  • Identify Objections and Eliminate Them.
  • Learn How To Close Effortlessly
Lead Generation
  • Master Personal Branding which is the Key to Lead Generation
  • Monetize Your Website; It's Critical to Your Success
  • Marketing Funnels is a Sexy Term; How To Actually Use Them?
  • Use YouTube and Facebook the RIGHT Way.
  • Paid Marketing such as PPC is Tough Now; How To Do It.

Personal Endorsement: Customer
  • Learn the 3 Components for an Effective Customer Strategy
  • Stop Selling; Learn to Share Your Favorite Product / Service
  • Get the Exact Words for Your Closing Script
  • Learn How To Answer The Questions You'll Get Asked
  • Be a "Fly on the Wall" while Jason & Chris Demonstrate.
Personal Endorsement: Business
  • Learn the 3 Components for Talking About Your Business
  • Stop Feeling Tongue-Tied; Know WHAT to Say.
  • Your Conversations will Leave People Wanting to Know More...
  • Learn How To Answer The Questions You'll Get Asked
  • Be a "Fly on the Wall" while Jason & Chris Demonstrate.

Goal Setting
  • What it Really Takes to Succeed in Achieving Goals
  • Learn How To Get Unstuck with Any Problem You Run Into.
  • Learn the Three Rules Needed To Set Goals
  • Stay Organized and Get More Done.
  • Get an Insiders Look into the Exact Methods Used by Us.
Train Your Team
  • Learn the 4 Keys to Training Your Team.
  • How Use a Training Funnel.
  • 7 Step Process for Training New Team Members
  • Why Some People Never Do Anything.
  • Save Hundreds, Even Thousands from Bad Training
  • « Many people think that the "right network marketing" means identifying one company that is superior to all the other companies out there. The company matters, but it's just one piece of the puzzle. »

    Book Quote How To Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity

  • « The "typical" network marketing training consists of a making a list of friends and family; telling you to "do this script with them"; and then telling you to "get them on the phone with me". That style building no longer works today. It's not only ineffective, it's also a turn off to people. »

    Book Quote How To Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity

  • «You may have heard of (or used in the past) lead generation vendors or lead generation companies. They often market their leads as "business opportunity" or "work from home" leads. Our advice: don't spend a dime with them. »

    Book Quote How To Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity

  • « Outside of percentages paid out to the field, we feel an absolutely essential requirement in compensation is that you are paid well for customers (People who just buy the product or service and are not involved in the business). »

    Book Quote How To Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

If you have any questions, you can review the common questions we get below. If you don't see an answer for your question, you can email us by clicking here.

  • I see two different websites that hold your courses, coaching and systems. What's the difference between them?

    Integritas Group is our system used for our own network marketing business. It's available only to people in our team and in our company. For people outside of our team and company, we have a generic network marketing system. The main difference between them is that the courses are included with the Integritas Group system (our own team's system) where the generic network marketing system has a separate charge for the courses (or course packages).

  • In regards to the coaching programs, will I actually get to work with one or both of you one-on-one?

    The group coaching will have you working with us in small groups on conference calls. On our private Facebook group you can post any questions you want and we'll personally respond and help you.

    The one-on-one coaching will have you working directly with us in a one-on-one environment over the phone or Skype. Depending on your situation, schedule and current projects you may work end up working with one of us more than the other.

    Regardless of which coaching program you choose, you'll be working with us and not someone else. You'll get our experience and expertise.

  • Why are the courses included in your team's system and not included in the non-member system?

    In running an organization and training our own team, we feel it's our duty as leaders to do so, therefore, we do not charge people in our own team for training. However, people outside of our team are getting the huge advantage of our years of experience, therefore, there is a value in selling them as products to people outside our network marketing team.

  • I'm really happy with the company that I'm already with, can I still use your system and training courses?

    Yes. You'll want to use our non-member network marketing system. If you have a large organization, please contact us.

  • What type of support will I receive when I join your organization?

    It's hard to write a short answer that will convey the type of support and mentorship that you'll receive from us because so many leaders in network marketing businesses promise everything (Three way calls, support, etc) when asked about working with them.

    We won't bring you into our team an put you in a "black hole" and push you off on someone else. You will get direct access to both of us (email, cell phone and social media) to help you with all the details of building your network marketing business. We'll even open up our personal marketing websites and lead sources to help you out. Bottom line is that we'll do everything we can to help you become successful. However, understand that if you continually drop the ball on getting things done, we will limit our time with you. We want people who are trainable, get things done, and hungry to build a network marketing business.

  • If I partner with you, how long will it take until I am at a full-time income?

    It's impossible for us to say. Anyone making promises or guarantees about how fast you'll make a full-time income is lying. There is simply to way to guarantee that because a lot depends on you. We take a "business common sense" approach to building our network marketing business. "Business Common Sense" means that it takes any type of business, typically, three to five years to become profitable. If you're not willing to "play the long game" then we're not right fit for you. Now, if you are willing to "play the long game" then get in touch with us.

  • Do your team members pay for the courses and coaching?

    Our team members pay to access the courses and system because we have a staff and equipment in place to keep everything running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Our team members do not pay for our coaching and mentorship. Offering leadership and coaching is part of our responsibility. We'll be financially rewarded as you become successful.

  • What network marketing company are you building?

    We work with USANA Health Sciences. USANA is a great fit for us as we're both into health and fitness. The science and non-hype approach USANA takes to manufacturing their products is one of things we love about USANA. We've been with USANA for over 10 years now and plan on being with them for a lot more to come. They are a solid company that you can truly build a long term business and income with.

    USANA is our first and last networking business. If you are working with us and fit into what we are doing long-term, it will be your last company as well if you are looking for a network marketing opportunity.

  • I'm already a USANA Associate, but not in your organization. Which training system do I use?

    You will use our Integritas Group system since you are in USANA, because it's what we use for our business.

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